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Jones Motor Services was started by Edward Jones, the grandfather of the present owners and in 1898 at the age of 21 he began with a horse and cart in Flint. In the early years, from premises on the site of Castle Works close to Flint Castle he carried out light haulage including carrying material to the site of Glansztoff (later Courtaulds) and work for Flint Borough Council. He also delivered paraffin oil in the area, that is why today the Company is still known locally as 'JONES THE OIL' a name of which we are proud of to this present day.


During the early 1920's he and his wife Hannah Mary developed the business into motorised transport putting seats onto the lorries at week-ends to take the town's folk on excursions and by the early 1930s from his garage which was situated in Earl Street Flint he had six coaches and four lorries. During this period he was joined in the business by his three sons, Thomas, Charles and Gwilym.


Throughout the war years which followed, the business continued while Charles and Gwilym were in the forces. In 1946 Charles went into business on his own as a coal merchant and light haulage for Flint Borough Council. Gwilym took over the business. Gwilym with the assistance of his wife Doris continued with the business throughout the 1950s and 1960s when they were joined by their son Alun. At this time they operated three coaches, a fleet of cars for weddings and funerals combined, also petrol retail and car repairs.


In 1964 Flint Borough Council decided to redevelop the area around Earl Street. Gwilym purchased land on Chester Road in Flint and built their present premises, at this time they were joined by their son in law Bill Towers (sadly now deceased), the coach business remained in Earl Street until the mid 1970s when it was also transferred to Chester Road, and their youngest son joined the family business. Today the Company is still run by the founders grandson Alun Jones.


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